Using safe, gentle, yet powerful methods, Sheela guides you to remove blocks so that you easily find your dreams and life flows with abundance.

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My passion is helping clients overcome abuse, neglect, guilt, shame or whatever stops them being the best version of themselves.

Her teachings reflect her personal journey from abuse to wholeness; she began what was to be a life-long practice of meditation and spiritual development, she studied The Inner Child, and produced a training programme, helping 100’s to embrace and heal their inner child, she is a ThetaHealer® and is a passionate advocate for the Law of Attraction. 

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Your inner child needs you
6 sessions

Connect and heal your inner child, for wholeness in your life.

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Dreams to reality
6 sessions

Learn simple steps to manifesting. Everything you need to know.

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I highly recommend Sheela’s Inner Child Workshop. I found the training and exercises very powerful and transformative. This course has enabled me to understand why I react in particular ways in certain situations and how to quickly feel calmer and more peaceful and these are just a few of the benefits! The practices I learned at the workshop continue to be a powerful and transformative part of my life. Sheela uses her unique gifts that give this course great depth with valuable hidden aspects to it that may not be apparent until you attend!
Louise F.
I attended the Inner Child workshop recently. I found it very helpful, I have a lot of problems concerning my inner child and was able to share with the group. It was good to be able to open up and I felt a huge relief. I have attended a number of Sheela’s workshops and have found them all to be extremely helpful. Sheela is an excellent teacher and mentor.
Diana .
I'd read the books about Law of Attraction and knew it in theory, then heard Sheela's teaching which took my understanding to a different level.
Vicki T.

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