About me

I’m Sheela Hagan. After surviving 25 years of a toxic marriage and a subsequent breakdown, my life looked very scary, empty and meaningless. <br>
<br>I fled with nothing and faced the enormous task of re-building my world. I knew there was something better, and I knew it was up to me. No one was going to rescue me. I began to reach out and help others recover from domestic abuse. I noticed that survivors were doing just that: surviving. I looked for ways to help them (and me) to THRIVE! 

<br>Now, I have the privilege to work and inspire others to fulfil their potential and guide them to create their dreams into reality. I passionately believe that by removing clients’ blocks and restoring confidence allows life to flow beautifully and easily.

why work with me

my experience

Starting out in the 1980’s as a young Naturopath, I quickly wanted to know why people became sick and unhappy. I found Iridology and studied extensively, then shared by forming the Ango-European School of Iridology and teaching 100’s to successfully use Iridology as a diagnostic technique. 

I wrote 2 published books, lectured in Europe and New Zealand, appointed Health Advisor to the popular magazine Here’s Health and appeared on several TV programmes. I began to realise this was only part of the answer, it was only the physical approach. What about emotions, feelings and beliefs? How much influence did they have on health and well-being? 

It prompted me to study spiritual meditation, card readings, inner child healing, Law of Attraction, Theta Healing and Counselling. I believe this unique combination is what helps me successfully restore people to their beautiful, authentic Self.

How i can help

Over the past 40+ years, I’ve had the honour to work with 1000’s of amazing clients from all types of backgrounds. From well-known TV presenters to Solicitors and corporate Directors, to young mums, budding entrepreneurs and victims of domestic abuse; they all have one thing in common – feeling “I’m not good enough”. 

This can be crippling and prevents happiness, fulfilment and personal success. The different ways in which people display the “I’m-not-good-enough-feeling” depends on the protective blocks and shields in place. Perhaps shrinking to fit others, afraid to speak out or unfulfilled. 

Sometimes we don’t even know what those blocks are! I work in a down-to-earth way, tailoring every session to each person. Whatever your “I’m-not-good-enough-feeling” is, it is always my intention to serve for the highest good for all, and believe we have a birth-right to be happy, joyful and at ease.


I highly recommend Sheela’s Inner Child Workshop.  I found the training and exercises  very powerful and transformative. This course has enabled me to understand why I react in particular ways in certain situations and how to quickly feel calmer and more peaceful and these are just a few of the benefits!  The practices I learned at the workshop continue to be a powerful and transformative part of my life.  Sheela uses her unique gifts that give this course great depth with valuable hidden aspects to it that may not be apparent until you attend!” – Louise F.


I attended the Inner Child Workshop recently. I found it very helpful, I have a lot of problems concerning my Inner Child and was able to open up and I felt a huge relief. I have attended a number of Sheela’s workshops and have found them all to be extremely helpful. Sheela is an excellent Teacher and Mentor” – Di.


“I love that your meditations are channelled and so are “right” for time and people you deliver them to. Your voice is so relaxing and the delivery and pace flow beautifully. I enjoy the structure of a catch-up with others so we get to know one another better, and I remember when I was more troubled how important it was to be able to share just a little with you when I was anxious or scared and feel that you knew and cared, so I’m sure the newer people benefit from that too. In most meditations, at some point I get a sense of light or healing coming my way, which is lovely” – Vicki T.


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