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Our mental health is, in my opinion, more important than our physical health since much dis-ease stems from our mind, beliefs and the way we think. Seeing a personal coach is as easy as seeing a doctor, and sometimes, way more satisfactory. There is nothing more precious than quality time spent with another, talking over and resolving personal issues. 

Online sessions are guided by my deep spiritual connections and always have your highest good as an intention. After an initial informal chat to decide if we wish to work together, a 6-week programme is scheduled and tailored for you. Meeting up for one hour, at a regular time to suit us both, appointments are authentically attuned to restore your peace and happiness.

what my clients say

"Meeting Sheela has completely changed my life. I have suffered from anxiety and fear my entire life. I spent years looking for answers, for ways to heal trauma. From traditional psychoanalysis to several other types of healing methods. Working with Sheela has turned what had thus far been a tortuous and painful path into one of love, self acceptance, discovery and deep, most powerful self empowerment. She has helped me to find and realise myself in ways I could not even begin to imagine to be possible"
Stef A.
"Sometime you benefit from having someone tell you what is blindly obvious 'your elephant in the room' and that is what my reading gave me today. Thank you Sheela for all your guidance. You are a rare gem"
Paula K
"Wow! What an amazing reading, so accurate. Sheela seemed to know exactly how I was feeling and the cards were really hitting the spot. I went home full of all the things Sheela and the cards said, and the very next day I started to see how changing my thinking, about me, made what I was wanting happen! So happy to have met such a lovely person, thank you Sheela!"
"A wonderful reading that was very accurate and exciting. Giving me clarity and a way to move forward with areas of my life that were i question. Thank you"
"This is the first time I've ever had a reading. Only one word comes to mind "incredible". This has truly blown my mind, in a really positive way, many thanks"
Steve B
Very informative and answered some major questions"
"I could say that it was chance that I read about Sheela Hagan, but I now know that it was more a manifestation. Sheela's approach has a spiritual base and she has many years experience in her coaching which is always positive. As I spoke of my situation Sheela would offer alternative words until a new sentence was made which had turned hopelessness into hopefulness. Sheela gave me the 'tool's to take control of my life once more. I am in a stronger place than I have ever been. I still have the same problems sometimes a little anxiety and sometimes down days. But the big difference is that I can deal with them. As each little negative is conquered before its had a chance to root, I feel uplifted as a result. I confront a problem or I put it aside, either way I am in control. Gradually my self worth is returning. I am the same person but with the right attitude and it feels good and is wonderful"
Kirk R

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